As an owner or operator of a growing business,
how would you feel if your employees:   

  • Would think and act like owners

  • Make financially responsible decisions

  • Be accountable for their actions

  • Do as they say they will do

  • Make decisions ALWAYS with profits and cash flow in mind

You cannot do it alone

Since your employees are the custodians of your companies profits, you will want them to think and act like owners. However, it’s not reasonable to hold them accountable if you don’t engage them and reward them appropriately. 

The answers to this age-old wish can be found in this powerful 90-minute read,  The Bakers Dozen Rules of Highly Successful Business Operators 

This remarkably simple and practical book will provide you with practical tips on creating a culture of employee performance and accountability so that you, the leader, can sleep soundly at night.

About the Author

Neville Joffe, has educated more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and corporate executives around the world and is regarded by his peers as a master educator. He teaches business leaders how to engage and incentivise employees to make decisions that always point to the reason why we are in business: to drive sustainable profits and cash flow.

His book captures key learnings from his extensive teachings and is remarkably efficient. It will likely be the most valuable 90 minute read you will ever experience, and he is inviting you to read it FOR FREE!

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